HeBlad High Table Anthracite


Product code
Anthracite lacquered, RAL 7016
Dimensions (L x W x H)
135 x 135 x 113 cm
Dimensions tabletop (L x W)
135 x 135 cm
Height tabletop
113 cm
Tabletop thickness
8.4 cm
985 kg
£ 1,175.00 excl. VAT
(£ 1,421.75 incl. VAT)
Free delivery in the United Kingdom
2nd product and following for £ 1,025.00 each, save 12% !

Standing table anthracite

This concrete standing table looks chic because of the anthracite colour. This standing table is ideal on a terrace of a hotel, restaurant, café, pub or snack bar, but also a plus on schoolyard or sports hall. The table can be cleaned very easily and is almost vandal resistant. By the weight and form of a reel this table is almost impossible to overturn. The bottom plate invites to stand on while “hanging“ at the table.
We cannot transport or move the standing table with a pallet truck, therefore the final destination must be reachable for our delivery vehicle or in a distance of 5 meters for the crane to put the table in place.


Customer Product Placed Location Photo
Hessle Academy Community Trust HeBlad High Table Anthracite 20-04-2017 Hessle East Yorkshire Naar referentie Hessle Academy Community Trust
DSGN4U interior design HeBlad High Table Anthracite 06-10-2016 Nieuwegein Naar referentie DSGN4U interior design
Lippe Berufskolleg Lünen HeBlad High Table Anthracite 29-11-2016 Lünen Naar referentie Lippe Berufskolleg Lünen
Lessing-Stadteilschule HeBlad High Table Anthracite 30-03-2015 Hamburg Naar referentie Lessing-Stadteilschule
Gymnasium der Stadt Rahden HeBlad High Table Anthracite 30-05-2016 Rahden

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